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News & Events

If the warm climate and beautiful surroundings are not enough for you in Benidorm, there are plenty of festivals to keep you moving year round.

Throughout the year Benidorm is home to many fiestas, events and celebrations. The variety of the themes and the customs that are celebrated means that there is something for everyone and it is not too hard to get caught up in the fun and enjoy the events.

While the locals of Benidorm do embrace their fiestas, your experience may vary, and no guarantee or even accurate description can enhance what you experience first hand. The eclectic mix of festivals consist form somber to party time and have been annual events for many years if not centuries. There is at least one fiesta celebrated every month.


The Cavalcade of the Three Kings is celebrated on 5th January. It seems that the holiday season ends back home with Boxing Day. Not in Benidorm, whereas this is the most important day after Christmas. Three biblical kings arrive on horseback parading in through the streets, whilst those on decorated floats pass out sweets to the children on the streets. The next day is the traditional time that gifts are exchanged rather than on Christmas.

San Antonio Abad at the Hermita de Sanz on the 17th January is a religious festival with a twist; each person brings an animal to have it blessed by a priest. Many arrive, especially children, with their dogs and cats but it is not unusual for a donkey, rooster or gold fish to make an appearance and be blessed.


February brings Carnival around the world and it is celebrated in Benidorm with fervour. Processions, fancy dress, music, floats, street entertainment and dancing are consistent with many but no one other country has the “burial of the sardine” on Ash Wednesday. No one seems to have an answer as the exact significance for a sardine buried in the ground on Ash Wednesday but it may indicate a good harvest during lent in order not to eat meat.


Virgen del Sufragio commemorates the memory of finding the Virgin of the Suffrage. Processions, music and fireworks are highlighted during the 16th to the 19th of March. Benidorm celebrates with their version of “Las Fallas” added to the mix also. These are enormous papier mache effigies depict what is happening throughout the world. No one is spared and political correctness does not exist. Look at them as a work of art; but alas the “Crema” or bonfire arrives too soon on the 19th of March and these sculptures will be burnt becoming only a memory with a photo from your camera.


With the month of March presenting such lively partying, Semana Santa (Easter) brings a more solemn or religious occasion to the month of April. Commemorating the death of Christ and his resurrection during this period is pronounced. An understanding of religious beliefs is presented by religious parades and church services which normally last a week in Benidorm. Easter is an extraordinary religious festival to witness in Benidorm.


Set on the 1st of May, The Festa de la Creu is one of the oldest and most traditional fiestas in Benidorm. Hence slated as a popular party of the local town, it takes place in the neighbourhood of Foyetes. It is annually organized with a festive mood kept in tow. The foundation of the age old ritual revives the ringing of the bells and the blessing of the city in the cross of stone with a floral offering. Then it is party time.


Romeria del Corpus is a festival observing happiness and tradition of the Benidorm people. Horse processions with lively costumes lead the way to feria (fair), near the bullring. At the fair, there will be hundreds of stands with wine, churros and activities for children.

The Bonfires of Sant Joan (St. John) is rejoicing the patron saint of Alicante. Why then in Benidorm? Alicante is the capitol of the Provence in which Benidorm belongs. Similar to Las Fallas, satirical papier mache and wood figures are on exhibit for several days. The monuments are burnt on the “Nit del Foc” on the 24th of June, in the areas of La Cala, Central Market and Old town.


July brings on a several Saint’s festival each week, so fiestas still frolic. The 7th and 8th of July remembers San Fermín and San Cristóbal respectively. The Patron Saint of sailors, Carmen is also honoured in Benidorm. The recital of verses by a girl from the town to the Virgin is one of the most emotive acts of the festivities. Mark your calendar as the Fiestas del Carmen takes place on 16th of July. Festivities in honour of San Jaime takes place in Benidorm on the 25th of July. San Jaime is the patron Saint of Benidorm, so you know something special will occur with non-stop celebrations.


During the month of August, many local Spaniards head on holiday elsewhere and the festivals are absence. However, the Benidorm Town Council organised the “Cultural Summer” program. With a large variety of cultural activities including concerts, plays and events, there will be something special to take part in.


Festivity of Asturias is organised by The House of Asturias in Benidorm on the 7th and 8th of September.Fiesta of the Vendimia is the Harvest Festival on 13th of September. Stalls bearing wine, fruits and vegetables afford you the very best from the region.


Christian and Moors begins each day at noon as the cannons roar and the festivities begin. Parades, processions with colourful costumes and mocked fights between Christians and Moors decided who gains control of Benidorm. Live music and dancing takes place at dusk and the fireworks displays each evening on the beach are a delight for the whole family. Bring your appetite because giant paella is cooked in the town centre to feed everyone. Plan your date to Benidorm during the first weekend in October and experience what all the fuss is about.

San Antonio Abad at the Hermita de Sanz The Benidorm Festival The Cavalcade of the Three Kings The Festa de la Creu virgen-del-sufragio-de-benidorm The Bonfires of Sant Joan The Benidorm Festival1 romeria-del-corpus-benidorm benidorm-festival Moor-Christians-benidorm moors-benidorm moors-christians-benidorm


Each town in Spain has a fiesta honouring it and Benidorm is no exception. The Benidorm Festival is all festivals incorporated into one. It is the biggest week in the fiesta calendar for Benidorm. It is held on the second Saturday of the month through to the Wednesday of the next week. Make you reservations early and bring a healthy appetite because the street vendor smells alone will have you craving to try. Well worth a visit, it is an event filled with lots of carnival spirit, party atmosphere, food and tradition.


Beginning on the 20th December, Benidorm Christmas Fiestas head on to the 6th of January. Nativity scene contests and the traditional Christmas concerts make up part of the seasonal festivities. On New Years Eve the main events mark to the end of the year takes place at the clock in Triangle Square." Do not forget to bring your grapes, as the tradition is to eat a grape with each struck of the clock. By doing so, the 12 grapes assure you good fortune for the coming year.

There is no nicer way to experience the vibrations of Benidorm than partaking in one of many festivals. No matter when you plan your holiday, something is always happening in Benidorm.

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