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Old Town Benidorm

A visit to the Old town of Benidorm will not disappoint visitors, who are looking for the more traditional Spanish town. Situated in the centre of the two main beaches, Levante and Poniente.

A welcome sight is the old cobbled street and the traditional buildings. Follow the winding street to reach the blue domed church of St. James and relax in one of the many café, restaurant or bars that surround the Plaza de Castelar square which offers stunning views of the Benidorm skyline and the Levante and Poniente beaches on the Costa Blanca coast.

Visit the Old town of Benidorm during the day and evening and you will not be disappointed with the choice of goods on offer in the shops. Many of the shopping precincts have designer shops offering many of the top international brands. From top quality leather goods, handbags, shoes and belts to the best choice in ladies and gents designer sunglasses, shopping in the Old town of Benidorm will be an experience worthwhile. After you have checked out the many shops, you will be ready to sample the food and drink served in the many café, bars and restaurants that line the cobbled streets and precincts of the old Town.

Relaxing is easy in the Old town, be it day or night. The many bars and restaurants offer visitors a choice of food and drink to suit all nationalities. Locals and tourists can be seen enjoying a coffee or a refreshment in the many open air establishments. The traditional Spanish restaurants offering tapas are very popular and are often full both inside and out with families of all ages enjoying the atmosphere that the Old town of Benidorm is famed for.

During festivals, the old town is at its most vibrant in the evening and many locals and tourists benefit from the cultural night life that the old town offers.

The culture and heritage of Benidorm does hold its own as a top notch tourist destination And yes, Benidorm with all its glitz and pizzazz has an Old Town, majestically peaking out on a hilly plateau between Playa do Levante and Playa de Poniente.

The winding narrow cobblestone streets of the Old Town is really what it's about to locate past history and added bonuses of delightful tapas bars, boutiques and restaurants. The old world ambiance actually splits the modern metropolis in half as if it is the crowning glory set above.

The growth of Benidorm began in 1325 on Mount Benidorm after being officially chartered as part of the Kingdom of Valencia. Although it was inhabited many years prior it was known for the deep sea fisherman who spent many months away from home. The fisherman, upon their return, helped create much folklore, including one that Benidorm may have been the basis of several children’s fairy tales created by the Brothers Grimm. In reality, the Iberians and Moors fought for control of the city as indicative of Spain’s turbulent history.

The Old Town became an archaeologist’s delight with remains of ancient fishing nets dating from the first century and even a statue of a Phoenician Goddess.

The first flavour of tourism hit Benidorm in the 1950s and continued to rise once Alicante Airport was built in the sixties. Needless to say, with a perfect location, enjoyable weather and pleasing beaches and its expansion on both sides of the Old Town, Benidorm now accounts for 12% of Spain's GNP.

No visit to Benidorm would be complete without enjoying a temperate evening stroll to take advantage of the fantastic views. You will observe the entire city as you have never seen it before.There is nothing like the skyline of modern Benidorm as it glistens and reflects on the Mediterranean Sea with the backdrop of the neighbouring Sierra Helado and Puig Camena on the other.

There is an artisans market, during the summer months and on occasion during fiestas, offering all kinds of ceramics, artworks and locally made items. Souvenirs come and go but a piece of art will last a lifetime with memories of Benidorm added to boot.

The centre piece of Benidorm and the sea is the town’s San Jaime Church, which dates back to the 18th century, standing out for its blue tiled domed church. Take a breather at one of the several outdoor cafes nearby, like the locals do, for a drink. Below at the foot of the church is the remains of a castle with blue tiles stairwell heading down on top of a cliff jutting out. Think of the photo opportunities!

Shopaholics will be pleased to know they are not left out. The Old Town is filled with boutiques offering the latest trends from Versace, D & G and many others. You will also find several leather goods shops offering handbags, jackets and coats at nominal pricing. Even Spanish clothing chains such as Zara and Punt Roma are located within.

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